A New R&B Fusion Artist

Music has the power to incite change, which is what attracts this new artist to the craft.  Venis Tiarrá (aka V. Tiarrá) uses her expressive words and distinct voice to make sense of the world and share her unique perspective.  Explore the site and check out her music below.




A Gifted Songwriter

Venis Tiarrá (aka V. Tiarrá) found her way back to music after a long break, pursuing first a career in medicine as a doctor.   Music helped V. Tiarrá heal from a personal illness, and helped her find her true inner voice.  Her style is a smart and soulful R&B/hip hop/world music mix.   V. Tiarrá loves to write lyrics that reflect on the social conditions of the world, ranging from politics, money, feminism, to love.   She was born and raised in South Florida. 



Fort Lauderdale, FL


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